Donnerstag, 15. September 2016

ELEKTRA vs. john, by Utopia Entertainment, movie MW-41

Former College Heptathlete, Elektra, tangles with John in the second match in our series Holy Shit this Woman Can Really Wrestle! Blonde, tan and incredibly powerful, Elektra weighs in at 59 and 170lbs. Elektra simply overwhelms John. Her long limbs encircle his body and head constantly. She looks so tall, and pretty, but check out the guide photos. Her thighs are 26 of solid massive muscle. When she straps them on you she starts to crush slowly. As she toys with you the pressure mounts to bone snapping level. Tapping out is never an option, its inevitable! Unless of course she pins you flat first! Elektra loves the front head scissor so she can look into the eyes of her victims. Because shes so tall her standing scissors are devastating, and when she flops John over hes ready for one of the most brutal figure fours on the planet!
(Original description from Utopia Entertainment)


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Donnerstag, 8. September 2016

Mysteria's hard wrestling, by Athena2

"Mysteria is one of the toughest girls I ever met" said Karl after the session. "It was like wrestling a guy. I couldn't be nice, I had to wrestle hard because I was very afraid he could break me". Same size, same weight, Karl has to face his equal in this match. Mysteria is hard at wrestling, her dominatrix temper gives her a strong will to get the upper hand, and, as a true bodybuilder, she's very powerful. Hot day for Karl but for Mysteria too!
(Original description frm Athena2




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Donnerstag, 1. September 2016

ANNA KONDA: A fatal mixed fight, final part, by mats husaar

inspired by an idea of Lady Anna Konda

A terrible thunderstorm raged in his head as Lady Annie’s hart, regardless slaps compelled michael back into the painful reality. She sat complacently on his broken chest and hit his cheeks with relentless abandon. The world of suffering surrounded him immediately. his destroyed arm and shoulder shot loud flashes of mind-blowing pain into his brain, supported by the sharp aching waves from his mauled thorax. 

 “Hi, weakling, still alive?”

Lady Annie Chaos’ voice exuded malice.

“Yes, still, but your luck won’t last forever. you’re the worst fighter I’ve ever met and the next round will be your final!”

She looked very serious, as She expressed his doom.

michael screwed up his courage one more time.

“i will go to the police, immediately when i am out of here! You nasty fat Bitch will pay for Your brutality!”

“Ha, you will go nowhere tonight, buddy!”
 Lady Chaos moved Her weight cruel on his broken chest and as he cried out loud, She stopped the annoying noise with Her strong hand over his mouth. his subdued sound of agony amused Her vicious mind. She bowed down, close to his face and enjoyed his growing fear and his gruesome cognition of his desperation. Her hand controlled his breath and She felt his soft lips move frantic in Her meaty palm. Suddenly She sat back on his tortured ribs with force. Fountains of tears rose from his eyes, but before he could escape into the rescuing land of unconsciousness, She eased Her grip on his mouth and knocked with the hard knuckles of Her other fist rude onto his forehead.

“Don’t sleep, sweety, the mean Woman loves to slaughter Her victims, while they are awake!”

michael sobbed into Lady Annie’s hand to let him breathe free. 

“… but the police will find me and You will get arrested for life …”

he stammered with no hope in his words.

“When I have finished you, I will bury your broken carcass somewhere far away from this place. Nobody will find you but hungry worms and the very remains of you will decay in oblivion. you can kiss My feet gratefully, because I kill you first and don’t bury you alive!”
With this words Lady Chaos got to Her feet and placed one of Her sweaty soles on michaels face.

“Lick, boy, and show Me your devotion!”

Merciless She added some pressure, as rubbed the bottom of Her foot over his unprotected face. And then, yes, his tiny, shy tongue started to worship Her sole! A feeling of absolute power thrills Her muscular body.
michael was a broken man. Broken bones and broken will. So damned hopeless and full of fear he felt ashamed of himself because of his pathetic behavior, but didn’t dare to stop licking Her foot – it was incredible humiliating, though Her frightening strength, Her relentless cruelty were too much for his little male pride.

The strong taste of Her foot, the daunting pressure on his face, Her horrible statement, Her dominant position, Her sheer superiority – he knew, he was nothing but at Her mercy.

Mercy? What a wonderful dream, old boy, michael thought. Submissively he kissed Her sole, licked Her salty sweat from Her skin. he closed his eyes and internalized the Female taste of his Mistress. Yes, he had to accept, that She is the Lady of the house. With this awareness he intensified his worship.

Suddenly the pressure on his face eased, instead his chest seemed to explode as the giant butt of the mighty Woman came down on him with force. he cried in unspeakable agony. Regardless Lady Chaos grabbed his hair with one of Her strong hands, while She slapped his unprotected face with Her other until he stopped his wailing.
“you see, I can kill you very easily with My sweet ass. I know many more ways to end your little life in an uneasy way.”

Lady Chaos still held his hair in Her iron grip.

“Now it’s your last chance to decide: Do you want the rest of your life as MY property, MY slave, MY servant, MY toy or shall I end your worthless existence right here – slowly, painful, bone by bone, nerve by nerve? But mind, that’s only choice you’ll ever get from Me!”

michael sobbed as looked up into Her stern eyes. he couldn’t see any mercy, just hard minded cruelness and overwhelming evil wisdom. A tremendous fear spreads all over him, his heart convulsed and he felt so totally lost. his voice did not seem to be his own as he moaned:

“Please, Lady Chaos, You already own my very life, so I will dedicate it to You for now and ever.”

“Good boy!”

Without further word Lady Chaos straddled the tear strained face of Her property and started to rub Her Womanhood excitingly over his mouth and nose. She was already so incredible aroused by Her own power. She loves to break a male  - bones and will! She enjoys his fear and helplessness. But most of all She enjoys Herself – Her total superiority, Her natural dominance, Her strong body, Her never ending lust.
She rode the face of Her victim wild and She felt his cries more than She could hear them. The well-known thrilling feeling of overwhelming power rushed through Her mighty body. She moved harder and as his nose broke the shiver of pure lust made Her cry. Her fist like a steel-claw  in the hair of Her victim. At that time didn’t mind anything but the rising hot lava on its way to eruption!

Lady Chaos didn’t care about michael. he was just Her toy and it might break or not. Whatever!

The end
 all pix copyright by Lady ANNA KONDA

love HER, fear HER, serve HER!

Mittwoch, 24. August 2016

ANNA KONDA: A fatal mixed fight, part 2, by mats husaar

inspired by an idea of Lady Anna Konda

After several minutes of “showering” michaels mouth and face with Her foaming fluid, Lady Chaos had enough from this kind of torture. She released him from Her iron hold, stood - legs apart and Her dangerous fists on Her hips - provoking in front of his limp body and looked down into his stained face.
michael toiled into a sitting position. Frantic he spat out the rest of Her saliva and tried to clean his face with his numb hands. Her iron grip on his wrists had prevented the blood supply to his palms and his fingers. Disgusted he looks at his moist hands. he tried to clean them on the mat. Then he rubbed his aching arms and legs very carefully and clumsy. Sobbing he raises his eyes.

“You unfair, fat cow!”
he screamed whiny.
“You mean Bitch must give a sign before the match begins! There exist rules! But now i don’t care about Your Femininity anymore, porky Slut, now i will kick Your fat ass!”
michael had changed from weepiness to rage.
“Okay, loser, you dare to provoke and offend Me. And the only rule, that exists, is MY law! So I promise: Only one Woman will leave this room on Her own feet today!”
Lady Chaos sounded upset but matter-of-factly.
“Hu, let me get up and i’ll show You, who’s the boss, craven pig!”
he replied stubborn. … and so he stretched the point!

michael got to his feet. Again they circled each other. Carefully and intently. This time michael made the first move and jumped – his hands like claws in front of him - at Lady Annie Chaos, to grab Her neck.
Her speed was alarming!
With a smooth move She dived under his arms, embraced his midsection, lifted him up and then She throw michael like a potato bag over Her massive shoulder. Again he lost the ground and again he landed on his back – yet harder this time. he hardly hit the floor gasping for air, She pounced at him like a hunting Anaconda and rammed Her elbow with incredible force onto his ribs. The sound of breaking bones got lost in his insane cry of pain. Now his tears shot like fountains out of his eyes, but She gave him no time to recover. 

Lady Chaos laid down right beside michael in an angle of ninety degrees, grabbed his left arm in an armbar between Her thighs, while Her left leg overlaid his face and Her right leg squeezed down on his thorax. This position gave Her several advantages: Her left knee pit shut up his mouth, so She reduced the sound of his unnerving shrieks , Her right leg on his broken ribs controlled the intensity of his pain and with his arm in Her fists She kept him helpless in his world of terror. She enjoyed Her power and his suffering that She causes! This guy had been gone too far and now he would pay!
She lifted Her right leg slightly and let it fall on his injured chest with tensed muscles. Lady Chaos smiled as his muffled cries of pain tickled Her knee pit. his pain was Her pleasure. She gloated at his suffering. In Her iron grip She bended the bones, muscles and sinews of his arm. The backside of Her knee got wet from his moisty lips and his tears of pain. She increased Her arm-torture with an evil grin on Her beautiful face. 

Lady Chaos felt his trembling arm over Her hot and wet Femininity and started to rub Herself, while She twisted the arm regardless. She was so aroused, that She didn’t took care of anything while Her lust increased to a volcanic Female fire.

michael suffered so bad, while he felt Her brutal moves. he struggled with his legs, he hit the floor with his left arm, to show Her, that he surrenders, he cried like a baby full of fear and pain, but it was all in vain. Her cruel assault was unstoppable! She enjoyed Herself with merciless force and floods of her sweat ran from the back of Her knee over his lips. his muffled cries drowned in Her perspiration.
… and as the bones of his arm cracked, his sinews and muscles torn, his shoulder joint were dislocated, … and as his ribcage shattered under the pressure of Her leg, his eyes widened in dreadful agony. At last he could bless himself as he lost consciousness, where he found some moments of peace in the smooth dark.

Lady Annie rose from the floor. Satisfied with Her orgasm, pleased with Her destructive work She looked down to the motionless frame of Her victim. he has been a lousy fighter and no real opponent. Scornful She eyed michaels broken body. he’s got what he deserved and he would get more. She smiled: She has also got, what She deserved!

 all pix copyright by Lady ANNA KONDA,  the final on Thursday, September, 1st

love HER, fear HER, serve HER!