Montag, 22. August 2016

ANNA KONDA: A fatal mixed fight, part 1, by mats husaar

inspired by an idea of Lady Anna Konda

he had challenged Her. No problem. Of course, She looked pretty massive as he noticed on Her photos and videos. Crushing melons between Her mighty legs, bending steel with Her muscular arms and Her strong hands, overpower males and other Women with Her tremendous body. But he guessed, that a lot of the scenes were faked. Nevertheless he wouldn’t underestimate Her and he knew, he had to take all of his experiences and his higher weight to make clear, who is the boss. While michael cramer was lost in his thoughts, he reached the industrial area, where She had told him to go.

The Woman, She calls Herself Annie Chaos, has a wrestling-studio in Berlin, where She organizes Female and mixed fights. She is a very professional Amazon, who arranges tournaments, movie-productions, events and also private sessions.

michael called Lady Annies cellphone-number. A few minutes later a metal door of the warehouse opened and She gave him the sign to enter. he walked through the door, followed Her some stairs and corridors until they stepped into a room, that was clear a fighting area: Mats on the floor, padded walls and the distinctive smell of human sweat.

After some sentences of small talk the two fighters get undressed. he wore boxer-shorts and Lady Annie a very brief bikini. What a difference between him and Her!
michael stood 6.3 ft. and 264 lb. She weight 246 lb at 5.3 ft. he looked down at Her massive muscular Femininity and thought, that She might be quite strong, but at last he was much taller, heavier and he had the typical toughness of a man.

“A sportive fight or a real fight?”
Her question puzzled him a bit.
“What’s the difference?”
he asked.
“Well, sportive means that we fix keywords to ease our holds and if anyone taps out the point belongs to the other and the match starts anew and the one, who has the most points in the end, is the winner. A real fight doesn’t know any protection of the weak, just the stronger one rules. The superior fighter can break Her opponent, She will show no mercy, if he cries like a baby and She will humiliate him, to destroy his inferior ego. So, if She is in the mood,  it will be the total destruction of the male.”
“She? Ma’am, You’re a thick yet rather self-confident little Lady and i’m a tall tough man, who knows how to fight and still a gentleman. You can get Your real fight but You don’t have to be frightened, i won’t break You and i won’t be too rough on You, Girl.”
A hint of arrogance defaces him, as michael smiled down to Lady Annie.
“boy, you don’t know, what you ask for. But for Me it will be a lot of fun and incredible satisfying.”
Lady Annie growled. She was a kind of angry, because no one should tease Her! No time for jokes anymore. Both looked focused and started to study each other.

They circled their actual opponent with their hands like claws in front of them. michael looked at Annies vigorous frame, but until now he didn’t have no reason to doubt his own strength. he was the man, he was harder, he was …

… not in touch with the floor anymore. his feet lost the ground – literally. A dull pain spread his chest and all breath left his lung. She has been too fast for him as Her right shoulder met his ribcage like a sledgehammer. he was absolute helpless as his back crashed on the mat. Before he even knew what happened, Lady Annie was over him. She plummeted with Her full weight onto his body and drove out the last little bit breath from his lung. he panicked. Lady Chaos showed no mercy, as She looked cold in michaels fearfully eyes.
Without further hesitation She grabbed his wrists with Her steel-hard fingers, Her mighty legs entwined his and immediately She dragged his limbs apart. he cried in helpless agony as his sinews and muscles were overstretched by Her devastating strength. Even his bones cracked in Her brutal grapevine. 

She eased and raised the pressure of Her hold, so his pain started again and again. Tears welled in his eyes. She turned up Her mouth to show an evil grin. Lady Chaos lowered Her face close to his until both noses touched.
“you are no match, weakling! I overpowered you without any effort. What made you think, you could stand more than a minute against My superiority?”
She hissed.   

Within the same second She tensed Her muscles and intensified Her cruel grapevine. As michael opened his mouth for a silent cry, Lady Chaos drooled a big load of Her white, foamy saliva into his palate. It was absolute gross, because he couldn’t swallow all of Her endless, slimy river, so it dribbled from his mouth over his cheeks and into his nose. To extend Her wicked humiliation, She started to spit all over his unprotected face and into his eyes, while She held him relentless in Her unbreakable grip. She was delighted in Her demonstration of Female power and Her knowledge of his despair. Her spit covered his face completely, occupied his mouth and flowed down his throat. he was too frightened and pained, that he had forgotten, to turn his face from Her. She grinned. Stupid worm!

all pix copyright by Lady ANNA KONDA,  to be continued on Thursday, August, 25th

love HER, fear HER, serve HER!

Montag, 15. August 2016

SYDNEY THUNDER: Teacher taught a lesson by Sydney's Elite Sirens

This P.E. Teacher who thinks he has some kind of authority questions Sydney & Skylar’s use of the wrestling mats, then he questions their ability to wrestle… Not smart.   Sydney & Skylar quickly show him what wrestling… and punishment… and humiliation is all about.
(Original description from Sydney's Elite Sirens)


love HER, fear HER, serve HER!

Dienstag, 9. August 2016

LEXII LEGGZ: Lexii vs. tyler by Crushwrestling .com

Lexii is back and ready to kick some ass. She is really disappointed in her boyfriend Tyler, who is so lazy he refuses to get a real job, and instead comes up with ridiculous get rich quick schemes. His latest dumb idea, is to wear President masks and fake guns to rob a bank (remember the movie, "Point Break"?). When he barges in after her training session with Cadillac Capri, donning his mask of the Teflon President (which he confused with Nixon, further irritating Lexii), and tells her of his idea, she loses control and proceeds to kick his ass. Her legs are bigger than his entire body, and I don't even want to guess her weight advantage. Needless to say, her size and strength is far superior, and she lets him have it. She chokes and crushes him every which way possible, and midway through the video, completely KO's him (YES, IT'S REAL!). She brutalizes with her powerful legs. Enjoy this sexy thriller! (Original descricption of Crushwrestling)


love HER, fear HER, serve HER!

Mittwoch, 3. August 2016


I will write down a few words about MISS FLEXI FUN. These words will be to weak, to describe HER and what i feel in HER presence. And HER mighty influence allures me even when SHE is far away!

The magic of HER beauty!

SHE enlightens every single day with HER vivid light.
But if SHE wants, SHE easily turns my lights off!

SHE is the lovely melody, so SHE gets under my skin.
And HER heart beat are the rhythm of my heart! 

 HER rockhard abs!

I love to worship HER hard muscles.
And SHE is strong enough, to overpower me smoothly!

HER attraction is absolutely irresistible.
SHE controls my soul and all my feelings!

A LADY at work!

When Female muscles are combined with Female beauty,
When Femininity is tough and really strong,
When Female dominance and power set my duty,
So it’s SHE, who shows the place where I belong!

 SHE figures out my simple mind!

HER charismatic personality is so admirable.
HER mighty willpower directs all my thoughts.
SHE dominates me with HER muscular beauty.
SHE subdues and rules me with the superior strength of HER adorable body!

SHE's a real Knock Out!

 To fall for HER is absolutely natural.
SHE has the aura of true Female superiority.

SHE is the gravity, why this world turns round and round! 

HER coolness is one of HER dangerous tools!

HER magic is inspiring.
HER power makes me fear.
HER beauty cause my longing.
HER shape is hard and sheer.

HER muscular back is an adorable landscape!

SHE refreshes my senses like morning dew.
SHE suffuses my body like the rays of the morning sun.

SHE is the MISTRESS called MISS FLEXI FUN and I am HER property!

SHE doesn't need no cage, to captivate me!

 love HER, fear HER, serve HER!